Ok, I haven't kept up with the itinerary so well.  The pacific northwest and the east are from 2016, I'll put new stuff at the top of the page.  I'm going to try and remember the places we've been, and then try and keep up with our current stuff.  Wish me luck!

Trailer Pickup



Las Vegas, NEW MEXICO, December 16
Truth or Consequences, NEW MEXICO, December 17
Fort Stockton, TEXAS, December 18
Canyon Lake, TEXAS, December 19
Padre Island, TEXAS, December 21
Kerrville-Schreiner Park, TEXAS, December 27
Stillwell Ranch, TEXAS, January 5 (2017)
Guadalupe Mountain, TEXAS, January 7
Pancho Villa State Park, NEW MEXICO, January 10
Picacho Peak State Park, ARIZONA, January 12
Hickiwan Trails, ARIZONA, January 23

Pacific Northwest

Dinosaur National Monument, UTAH, July 7
Morley Nelson Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area, IDAHO, July10
Heyburn State Park, IDAHO, July 15
Banff National Park, CANADA, July 20
E. C. Manning Provincial Park, CANADA, July 25
Olympic National Park, WASHINGTON, July 28
Seattle, WASHINGTON, August 1 July 28
Olympic National Park, WASHINGTON, August 5
Silver Falls State Park, OREGON, August 7
??? UPDATED:  Pine Meadows, OREGON, August 12
Collier Memorial State Park, OREGON, August 15,
Panther Flat, CALIFORNIA, August 18
Buckhorn Recreation Area, CALIFORNIA, August 22
Kings Canyon National Park, CALIFORNIA, August 24
Joshua Tree National Park, CALIFORNIA, August 29
Flagstaff, ARIZONA, August 29
Bonito, ARIZONA, September 1  August 31
Hovenweep, COLORADO, September 7
Cochiti Lake, NEW MEXICO, September 7

More to come....we're still working it all out!


Parkersburg, WEST VIRGINIA, September 18
Lake Fairfax, VIRGINIA, September 23
Shenandoah National Park, VIRGINIA, September 29
Parkersburg, WEST VIRGINIA, September 29
Mammoth Cave National Park, KENTUCKY, October 9
Great Smoky Mountains National Park, NORTH CAROLINA, October 19 23
Pigeon Forge, TENNESSEE, October 23
Douglas Dam Tailwater Campground, TENNESSEE, October 24
Shenandoah National Park, VIRGINIA, October 28 November 1
Badin Lake Recreation Area, Uwharrie National Forest, NORTH CAROLINA, November 6
Prince William National Forest, VIRGINIA, November 13
Parkersburg, WEST VIRGINIA, November 23
Throop, PENNSYLVANIA, ????
Canada to pick up the trailer!!!!!!!!!

I'm lucky to have this much planned....check back later!

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