Monday, August 7, 2017

Quick Stops

As we make our way back across the country, we have to balance wanting to get home as quickly as possible and wanting to see as many things and people as possible.  Originally we were going to try to see friends in NY on our way back, but it was not really on our way, by many hours, so that hope was dashed.  But by not hugging the great lakes in NY/PA, we went a faster route AND got to see my aunt Rita again.  Truly, who doesn't enjoy a phone call asking for a meet up in three hours' time?  But she was flexible and came out to dinner with us--hooray!  
We planned on stopping in Cuyahoga Valley National Park in Ohio, cuz it's a national park, duh.  But Ohio is so close to West Virginia that Bill's parents were able to come out and meet us, bringing along Bill's nephew.  Before they showed up, we checked out the Brandwine Falls.  The park is along the Ohio & Erie Canal.  The path to the overlooks is easy, though it has a bunch of very steep steps.  K, NB, and J all did the Jr. Ranger program, so they had a few things they had to do and see.                                  
Their first stop for their senses scavenger hunt was to go over by the foot bridge and write down what they smelled.  There were flowers aplenty there, some very beautiful ones.  On the path to the falls overlook, NB shoved a flower up my nose, which one of our fellow travelers thought was a hoot.  But it smelled wonderful, so how bad could it have been?                                  
This is the Boston Store Visitors' Center.  I can't remember what they were supposed to do here other than sit in the rocking chairs.  The Boston Store is a beautiful building, and I do so love their rocking chairs.                    
A joined us on part of the senses scavenger hunt.  This one had us over at a lock.  There were some ducks here that we found, too.                      
After all the fun and adventure earning Jr. Ranger badges, NB decided to spend more time on his one handed handstands.  Perhaps it doesn't come across so well here. But it's actually impressive.                                      
We finished up the short visit with an early dinner.  A & J got the kids' menu breakfasts.  That's enough for a small army.  Holy cow.  After dinner we pushed on a couple hours to a Wal Mart on the other side of Ohio to make our travel day the next day just a bit shorter.  Onward to Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore!

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